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About The Flying Star Feng Shui

About The Flying Star Feng Shui

The Flying Star Feng Shui takes into consideration time dimenson. Flying Star chart is done on the basis of each house with inputs required of the actual direction of the main entrance.

What is macro and micro Flying Star Feng Shui?

Micro Flying Star is when Flying Star is applied to a smaller area such as the House or a room only.

Macro Flying Star is when Flying Star is applied to the Exterior surrounding of the House taking into account the House as an object as compared to just analysing the house itself.

I had read some books saying that with 7 7 combination at the entrance, it is considered very auspicious. However, when the end of the period 7, one should change the door. I wonder, does it change the period of the house from 7 to 8? When should we change the door?

Under the 20 Year Flying Star analysis, for a house built under Period 7; it is a bonus if there is a 7 7 combination at the main entrance.

2. The base number would also be looked at to find out the degree of auspiciousness of a 7 7 combination house under current Period 7.

3. Under the 20 Year Flying Star analysis, a house will (always) remain under that period if no major renovations were done in the period.

For example, For a Period 6 house; that house will continue to enjoy 6 6 combinations under Period 6 provided there is no major renovations carried out anytime afterwards.

Thus a Period 6 house with double 77 combinations will still have this birth chart even under Period 7, Period 8 or Period 9 so long as there are no major renovations.

For a Period 7 house. This is the same situation. A Period 7 house with double 7 7 will remain so during period 7 and even under Period 8, 9 & restart at 1,2,3,4 etc...

I am in the mid of balancing my house according to your Flying star report.

Most of the report suggested a lot of Metal cures, with the exception of NW using Wood cure.

Yes, you see most of the problems stars are usually Wood or Earth. Metal is thus the most commonly used cure for either of the Wood or Earth cure.

I have heard that one can apply the flying star on a plot of land. Can you please elaborate on this matter.

1. Shapes and Form is usually the most common method in analysing a plot of land:

1.1 Using the four symbolic animals concept i.e. of clear space at the front and solid support behind.

1.2 Yin and Yang concept

1.3 The Five elements concept such as the surrounding buildings. Are they generally e.g. earth element? fire element? etc...

2. For a plot of land, it is analysed usually with a built up area.

3. This is because under the Flying Star Feng Shui there are 24 directions or (mountains) or compass degrees per 24 sector at 15 degree increments.

4. For a Flying Star Chart, it is essential that the direction of the main entrance door is taken. Without this fundamental direction, no Flying Star Chart can be `drawn'.

5. Since the Flying Star Chart has the `water' star and `mountain' star or the facing (water) and sitting (mountain) position, this form of Feng Shui closely resembles Shapes and Form School of Feng Shui.

6. This is where under Para 5, the Flying Star `water and mountain' or facing and sitting' can be used to analyse a plot of land.

7. Here, if one notice carefully, it is really similar or actually is infact "Shapes and Forms" minus using the compass.

8. Therefore, when we applying the " sitting and facing " used under Flying Star, it is the same as saying that at the main entrance, one should have clear space or a water position representing clear space as water is flat.

It is good if the `sitting' position has a solid backing or a wall.



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