Finding a Suitable House for your Family with House Hunting Service

Most Suitable & Auspicious House Facing Report

1. About this popular report

" We developed the House Hunting Report to aid in narrowing the most suitable house quickly when hunting for our own home. "
- Master Cecil Lee

2. What can this report help you?

2.1 Identify the most suitable main door facing for your home :-

For example, a person is Strong Wood, and looking or a house built between 1984-2003, will find that NW2 (0/360), NW3 (90), N2 (270) compass directions would be have a good House Chart that is favourable for him.

As mentioned above; this report was specifically developed jointly by Masters Cecil Lee & Robert Lee.

3. Information Needed from you

 Name & Gender (required)
 Date of Birth (required)
 Time of Birth (optional but would be best if you have)

3.1 Key Features

 Personalised Online Service (via E-mail)
 Analyses 24 different main door facing
 Check for Ba Zi compatibility
 Check for Eight House compatibility
 Narrows down to Excellent and Good Houses that are suitable
 Filters away those which are unsuitable to you.

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Package 1

[Sample Report] Know what house direction you should be looking for to help you narrow down your search. Includes detailed house analysis reports to check the feng shui of the house you are searching for.

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