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On 8/24/99 11:31:40 PM, a user wrote:

Question:  "Dear cecil, Since 3 days whenever somebody posts a message it gets posted next day unlike before when the message use to get posted immediately. Why this change? Thanks."


1. I have discussed this in-depth with Robert Lee and we felt that we have a moral obligation to every user participating in this forum to provide a truly 100 percent flame free conference.

2. This forum (as at 24 August 1999) now hosts more than 5,000 members and a large portion of users are participating or `listening' in through the optional mailing list.

3. Another reason is because anyone can immediately create an account and sent one or several mails. These mails previously will be automatically forwarded to the everyone on the mailing lists. It can be a nuisance to users if these are `spam' mails or `hate' mails.

4. If the person choose to remain anonymous, they usually use free accounts such as hotmail etc... Someone can quickly `appear' and `disappear' or do a `hit and run' to this forum. We do not want to see this happen. There will always be one of these black sheep. It is only a matter of days, weeks or months.

5. Frankly, everyday prior to setting to a moderated forum; my heart always goes `thump-thump' whenever I start checking messages on the forum. If I reason it properly; why should I continue to `worry' for that one or two irresponsible people who may or may not have sent either advertisements or spams. As an Asian (Chinese); I remembered this story of how the how the Sony walkman was invented. The Inventor of the Sony walkman invented it because of the culture in Japan, the person hearing it would not `disturb' his environment as he is suppose to hear it from his earphone (as "quietly" as possible). This contrasts with some other countries where, it is the opposite i.e. play loud music.

6. Therefore, I hope you understand that my `worry' is not because I am not able to justify what I share the information but my `worry that of imposing on users who trust us enough to subscribe to the mailing list. I cannot deliver only 99.9 percent flame free but as `promised' on this forum's log-in page that it has to be 100 percent.

7. I have always remembered the important lesson of the `Sony Story' till to-day.

8. Furthermore, we want to concentrate on helping users and not be concerned with unproductive `flame(s)'. It always ends up with counter-productive `heated' exchanges. For example, I have heard `horror' stories of many people who had left other of such forums because of the continous amounts of `flame' exchanges. It then becomes a vicious cycle or a `bad habbit'.

9. In fact, through sheer coincidence, there was so far ever only one `flame' on this forum. This is remarkable since I started my original forum in 1996 (using another software). This new forum has since operated from 1988 onwards. (Statistically this makes the forum 99.9 percent flame free), had a private discussion with Glyn (One of our past students). She provided me with sound advise on how to be firm with such `flamers'. I like to thank her for it. On our own, Robert and me, decided on this present method.

10. Therefore, we do not want to waste our server resources and user's time or frustration in receiving unrelated mails such as `advertisments'; `spams' or `flames' which can easily be sent out if unchecked. These messages invariably do not contribute to learning and there is often always a hidden agenda in these message(s).

11. Normally, we log in every day so, you should receive all verified messages everyday. What is more important is the frequency of answers. We always give top priority to answering all questions usually within one to three days unless it is a weekend or if the question needs more time to look into.

12. We believe everyone will benefit from this as this will prevent any possible misuse of this forum. As I am sure you do not want to receive any topics you have not subscribed to.

13. We hope to continue to provide a quality Feng Shui forum on the Internet for everyone and devote our time to helping many users.

14. We welcome any other suggests that can `guarantee' a 100 percent flame free forum. As the saying goes " Prevention is better than cure ".

Thank you for your kind understanding.

Warmest Regards,
Cecil Lee & Robert Lee
GEOMANCY.NET - Center for Applied Feng Shui Research


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