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Ceiling Window Inauspicious. Remedy: Use `Sun-X' or Opaque film on each window panel.

Overhead Beams Inauspicious. Remedy: Place 2 bamboo flutes on the Overhead Beam to form a profile of a Pakua.

Ridged Conice Inauspicious. Remedy: Use simple rounded conice design.

Sloping Ceiling Inauspicious. Avoid sleeping or working under it.


Alarm Clock Can be placed on the side table of your bed.

Electrical Clock Best location is a place of activity e.g. next to the television or hi-fi set.

Grandfather Clock Best location is in the hall way of the house. Considered to be a better alternative to a windchime as the `ticking' sound is constant.

Avoid placing a clock above a main entrance door.

Company Signage, Logo

You should first determine your `True Element' using the Pillars of Destiny.

For example, after you have determined that you are a "Strong Metal" person, Click here to find out how to design a company logo with e.g. for each of the Five elements.

Corner - Protruding or Missing/Cut-out/Indent


What length is considered either a Protruding or Missing/Cut-out/Indent Corner?

If it is equal to or more than 33 percent (or a ratio of 1/3) of it's measurement on either side of the protruding or missing corner/cut out/indent.

Protruding Corner If the protrusion is at:-

1. North : Can easily make friends.
2. North-East : Enjoys doing Research and Development work.
3. East : Dare take calcualted risks and is rather impatient.
4. South-East : Needs to work real hard.
5. South : Will enjoy good reputation.
6. South-West : Male members living in the house will be lazy while Females will be active.
7. West : One happy family.
8. North-West : Occupants likes a competitive environment.

Missing corner If the Missing Corner or `cut-out/indent' is at:-

1. North : Will meet with an accident.
2. North-East : Occupant will have poor planning.
3. East : Will be easily discouraged or suffer from low morale.
4. South-East : Daughters will not be successful in love affairs.
5. South : Will mix with bad company or be cheated.
6. South-West : Have constant bad luck.
7. West : Will frequently flirt around.
8. North-West : Will have frequent quarrels.

Do take note that if houses have too much protusions or `cut-outs/indents' these are equally no good. Usually the problems could range from illness for members of the family, business failures or frequent quarrels and bad luck.

Remedy for a `missing' corner: Place a length of mirror on either side of the wall to increase the " depth " of the wall.

Sharp Corner Remedy for a `sharp' corner: Place a plant at the corner or hang a windchime at the location.

Decorative Objects

Cannon - Is an offensive tool, placed on a window of a home overlooking a poison arrow such as a neighbour's pointed roof or a lone lamp post.

Carpets - Avoid using thick artificial carpet as it impedes the flow of Qi and reduce the circulation. This is particularly bad in an office especially for the CEO's room or for the Sales office.

Combat toys e.g. soldiers, fighter planes etc.. - These toys should be kept in a cupboard or utility bin when the child is not playing with it.

Crane - Is a symbol of longevity. A picture of two cranes flying upwards symbolise the wish for the recipient may `rise high' in life.

Crossed Swords - Another symbol used to counter a poision arrow. Avoid placing it in a children's room or at an auspicous wall or location.

Crystals - It is used to attract wealth and suppress evil. It does not matter if it is a genuine crystal or made of glass.

Deer - A picture of it is a symbol for riches and longevity for the recipient.

Dragon - It is a symbol of male fertility and vigour. No. 9 symbolies male vigour and this number is often associated with the Dragon. There is a tale of a Dragon with nine sons: Each with a different  attribute. The first can carry heavy objects, the second, can put out fires, the thrid, can make noise like a bell, the fourth is as powerful as a tiger. The fifth enjoys food, the six likes water, the seventh is courageous warrior,  the eight is as strong as a lion and the ninth has a keen sense of observer.

Kitchen Fork - Another tool to counter `poison arrow' towards the main entrance door.

Piggy Bank - It is a better choice to place this at an auspicious location instead of a fish bowl/tank. Initially place two coins (ideally two ancient Chinese coins) and continue to add coins to the coin bank.

Unusual shaped Stone - Avoid placing a stone with an `unusual' shape which may resemble a monster, creature or other odd shape either in the house or in the garden. On the other hand, smooth shaped stone can be placed in the garden to make it more `Yang' e.g. in a Japanese garden.


Is the position of the main entrance door important?

A house should suit the breadwinner. One way to determine this is to look at his best direction using the Eight House Theory or commonly known as his 4 good and 4 bad directions. As a house is considered the equvalent of a person's mouth, if it is facing the breadwinner's auspicious direction, he/she will prosper.

Carpet - If there is a poison arrow pointed at the main entrance door, you can use a semi-circle carpet with a diagram of a sun with radiating spokes from the centre of the carpet. Another alternative is instead to tile the floor with this design. This is a `mild' form of cure and is encouraged if your door immediately faces your neighbour's.

Concave Door - If this is your auspicious direction, you can use a concave door to further increase your luck.

Convex Door - If this is your inauspicous direction, you can install a convex door to deflect away the `bad' intangible force.

Steps at Main Entrance - If your main entrance door has steps, you can use a semi-circle steps to deflect `poison' arrow away from your main entrance door.

Tilt your Main Entrance Door - If your main entrace door is facing an inauspicous direction, you may consider tilting the main door to face one of your auspicous directions e.g. Excellent, Prosperity etc..

Main Door The main door must open inwards. If the main entrnace has two panels, both panels should be of the same size.

Electrical Items

Small Radio - This is better than a large hi-fi set placed in the bedroom.

Television - The concern is that the T.V. screen is like a mirror and best to avoid having it facing the bed. If you have restless sleep, you could try covering the screen with a cloth.

Large Hi-Fi - This creates a yang environment and best to be avoided in a bedroom (which is supose to be a `yin' location or a place of rest.)

Microwave Oven - This is the equivalent of a modern `stove' and should be located `away' from a water element e.g. wash basin.

Washing Machine - A washing machine can be placed at an inauspicious location to `shake away' bad luck.

Escalators, Lifts

These creates lots of `disturbing' Qi due to movement of people and the lift. Best to place them at the side of a building closer to the external walls.


Altar Table - It can face the main entrance door, or a window. It must not face a bedroom, toilet or the kitchen. It should not be on the same wall (on the opposite side) with the toilet or kitchen.

Antique Wood Furniture - Has already absorbed Qi from it's previous home. Best to check it's history before purchasing the furniture. Too many antique furniture in the home reflect rigidness in decision making or result in conservative thinking.

Chairs - Dining room chairs should be purchased in even numbers

Dining Table - Wood dining tables are excellent choice. Ideal shape is a round or oval shaped. A square or rectangle dining talbe represents the earth element. Good for those who are of `Weak Earth' person.

Glass Table - A glass table is `hard' and represents Yang. Not ideal as a dining table.

Open Bookshelf - Are like knifes or pointed arrows. Best to use a book shelf with doors or use a cloth cover.

Plastic Furniture - Plastics are hard and considered `yang' of the element. Compared to wood, difficult to absorb Qi from the environment.



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